• Pretty Woman, Piccadilly Theatre. Photo Credit: Helen Maybanks

We stock servo motors, control racks and operating consoles for rental as well as offering equipment for sale.

We are also able to build bespoke solutions for your production or project.

Providing production automation services from initial concept through to opening night.

This includes arranging and organising specialist freelancers for your job.

Providing experienced, independent advice and support for your projects.

Our control racks are built using the latest automation technologies.

Our rental racks, the Rack[Four] and Rack[One], are great all rounders for multi-purpose use.

For more bespoke solutions, we custom build racks to specification.

Our control desks are built with ease-of-use in mind.

Desk[Three] is our standard control desk, with a friendly touchscreen interface.

We also can build custom pendants and handheld touchscreen controllers if required.

We are able to provide position tracking solutions compatible with the large majority of lighting and video systems.

Standalone position tracking solutions are available for sale or rental. This brings the benefit of accurate video tracking to manually controlled pieces of scenery, or scenery not controlled by our automation system.

Quiz, Noel Coward Theatre. Photo Credit: Johan Persson