Rental Equipment

Control Racks

In our automation system, the control racks are powered from the mains power supply and a number of motors are connected. The number of motors you can connect depend on the type of rack. Using high-performance servo motors, you can power an almost limitless variety of stage machinery.

Our racks are able to connect to the motors using "One Cable Technology". Motor power, encoder and brakes all run down a single cable, which means in many situations you only need to run one cable for each axis of motion. This helps simplify installation and save on fit-up time.

We currently build four standard control cabinets, each with it’s own functionality.

The Rack[Four] and Rack[One] are motor control cabinets where motors can be directly attached.

The Safety Controller allows the extension of the safety system beyond what is built in as standard to the motor control cabinets.

The IO Controller allows the connection of accessory boxes, which extend the functionality of the system, and also the connection of products that incorporate their own motor control.

For certain projects we may design and build custom control cabinets to perform specific jobs. This if often required if our equipment needs to be build into scenery, or if the project requires different motors than the ones we stock.

Should more capabilities be required powered EtherCAT ports give the option the expanding the system using our Accessory Boxes. Because our expansion technology is built using standard EtherCAT technology, any EtherCAT compatible hardware can be incorporated into our system with ease.