Rental Equipment


It is Absolute's mission to build control desks that are powerful in function whilst remaining easy to program.

We have a range of control desks that end users can use to program their system with moves and cues for their production or project. All control desks run the same family of software which we produce in-house and has been designed to be powerful whilst easy to use. Desks are distinguished primarily by the number of playbacks that are available.

On sales jobs we will occasionally custom design a control desk to meet the requirements of the customer.

Desks available are the Desk[Five] and the Desk[Three], with five and three playbacks respectively. The Desk[Three] has speed override control individually on each playback as does the Desk[Five] with the addition of a master speed override control.

Additional safety is provided by using an operator presence switch, requiring the operator to hold down an enable button or an enable foot-switch to allow movement.

Desk[One], our single playback desk is now a legacy product and has been superseded by the two newer desks.