Rental Equipment


From the start, we have designed our automation system to be endlessly expandable. Building around the industry standard EtherCAT protocol allows us to distribute the components of our system into places where they are more useful and convenient, without sacrificing performance.

We currently build a wide array of accessory boxes that add functionality to our control cabinets by extending the system.

They can be divided into:
IO: IO[Box] which has custom variants for specific equipment - RORO IO[Box], SkyWinch IO[Box].
Safety: Stop[Box], Enable[Box], SafeEdge[Box].
Functionality: Tracking[Box], Splitter[Box], RemoteAccess[Box].

IO Boxes add additional IO to the system, allowing the connection of simple accessories like limit switches and buttons.

Safety Boxes add additional safety inputs for Emergency Stops, Enable Switches (DMH) and other safety accessories like a safe edge or light curtain.

Boxes that add functionality like Tracking[Box] can work as standalone units, adding smart functions to manual systems, or other automated systems.