Build by operators, for operators

At Absolute Motion Control, we're proud to say that our products are built by operators, for operators.

With a combined experience of several decades, our real-world experience and unique hands-on knowledge about the demands of production have allowed us to design our products with those demands in mind.

Levering the most modern technologies in industrial motion control, allows us to build equipment that it's incredible flexible in it's functionality — meeting the varying requirements of different productions — whilst remaining quick and lightweight to setup and install.

Control Racks

In our automation system, the control racks are powered from the mains power supply and a number of motors are connected. The number of motors you can connect depend on the type of rack. Using high-performance servo motors, you can power an almost limitless variety of stage machinery.

Our racks are able to connect to the motors using "One Cable Technology". Motor power, encoder and brakes all run down a single cable, which means in many situations you only need to run one cable for each axis of motion. This helps simplify installation and save on fit-up time.

Should more capabilities be required powered EtherCAT ports give the option the expanding the system using a large range of accessories, including our IO[Box] which allows you to incorporate additional inputs into the system, like limit switches, manual controls and additional encoders.

The beauty of this extensible system is that you only need to add inputs and outputs when they are required and you can locate the IO[Box] in a convenient location — rather than running long multi-core cables back to the rack. It also means that we don't ship lots of redundant hardware inside the rack that remains unused.

Because our expansion technology is built using standard EtherCAT technology, any EtherCAT compatible hardware can be incorporated into our system with ease. Additional external brakes can be added to an axis using the brake connector.

A front panel allows manual control of each axis and displays diagnostic information.

Control Desks

It is Absolute's mission to build control desks that are powerful in function whilst remaining easy to program.

Our automation desks all run the same software, but can scale easily depending on the size of production. They range from the single-playback Desk[One], suitable for small productions with only one or two automated elements; up to the five-playback Desk[Five], suitable for large scale musicals.

Programming is simple, using a large screen multi-touch display. Powerful features like linking axes, conditional triggering, and safe groups mean that programming is not only easy, but also can be made incredibly safe. Joystick control is used for manual movements and also to control speed overriding on pre-programmed moves.


Winches are one of the most versatile tools available to productions, as they are easy to incorporate into theatres and productions.

They are able to be incorporated into existing counterweight systems, to provide counterweight-assisted flying of large items of scenery; they can be used to drive stage tracks, moving trucks on and off the stage; and they can be used to directly lift scenery or provide performer flying effects.

Absolute, alongside it's engineering and manufacturing partners, have built a large range of winches suited to many different applications.


From the start, we have designed our automation system to be endlessly expandable. Building around the industry standard EtherCAT protocol allows us to distribute the components of our system into places where they are more useful and convenient, without sacrificing performance.

Our standard [Box] range of add-on hardware allows you to add E-Stops, using Stop[Box], and additional IO points, using IO[Box], anywhere they are required. We can also build custom variants of these boxes when required.

Other accessories can be added into the system to add additional functionality like live video and light tracking, or add wireless communication.