Equipment Rental

Providing modern, powerful and expandable automation systems.

Absolute can advise and supply you with a full range of automation equipment. We stock a range of winches, revolve drive systems, and friction drive units along with control racks and our easy-to-use operating consoles.

In many situations, our stock equipment has you covered: with winches suitable for deck tracks, counterweight-assisted flying, or directly flown scenery. For applications where custom built stage machinery is required, we are able to supply motors (as well as gearboxes, if needed) to power it.

We have a history of partnering with many established engineering contractors, and are able to recommend suitable firms for your project.

Rental equipment also includes systems for lighting and video tracking that are automated using our system, or even for manually flown scenery.

To see the kinds of productions and projects that we have previously supplied our rental equipment to, see Our Work for more information.