Our Process

Making your show a success


We discuss your project with you, and talk about the best way to achieve the effects you want to achieve for your production.

Working with you, we will decide whether rental equipment or custom building a solution will be more suitable. Often it ends up being a combination of the two.


We collaborate with the show’s engineering contractors and scenic workshops when constructing scenery or effects.

We have an excellent track record of working with a number of suppliers in the industry, and are happy to recommend engineering contractors and scenic workshops if you don’t have any one in mind.


We will either build the control equipment bespoke for your project, or choose the correct equipment from our rental stock.

This will then be tested in combination with the engineering to ensure that everything is running smoothy before it gets to the theatre.


The control equipment is installed in the theatre by our team and experienced freelancers.

Along with the engineering elements, followed by the scenic finish on top. 


All the equipment is tested and tuned at the theatre to make sure it is working perfectly.

Show cues are then created and plotted into the desk, and rehearsed thoroughly with the cast and crew.