Absolute are committed to the promotion of theatre automation through the training and development of people working within the entertainment industry, producing innovative and exciting solutions, and providing an outstanding service. Leading the movement in theatrical automation.

Production Automation

Absolute offer production automation services, bridging the gap between your creative team and the automation provider. We are able to work in collaboration with existing providers to ensure that the automation system meets the production's artistic needs. Absolute then manage the installation of that system from fit-up through to press night. We are also able to supply and co-ordinate freelancers for your automation projects.

Automation Consultants

We can act as automation consultants for your theatre or entertainment project. With a combined experience of more than thirty years, we are able to offer clear and honest advice on the best automated solution for you. Increasingly we are getting involved with projects right at the conception stage, working directly with designers and the creative team. This allows motion effects to be incorporated in a much more cohesive way, and even create new opportunities which would not be possible if automation was only considered at a later stage in the creative process.

Equipment Supply

Absolute are able to provide automated solutions to productions using a combination of our rental or sales products. We are also able to custom build self-contained motion effects. We collaborate closely with scenic workshops and engineering firms, and are able to deliver complete solutions if required.