Our control racks follow a simple naming structure. The number represents the number of motors it can control.

Rack[Four] is our four axis rack, capable of driving 4 motors. Each rack has simple to use manual controls, as well as a touch-screen panel for accessing diagnostic information.

Motors connect to the rack using One-Cable Technology. This allows power, encoder and motor brake signals to be carried down a single cable. In many situations, this single cable carries everything that is required, making installation times quick and easy. 

The rack has six powered EtherCAT* ports which make the rack customisable and expandable to fit the needs of the system. To these ports you can add remote e-stops using Stop[Box] units, or add IO[Box] units.  These ports can also be used to add other IO to the system, like the controlling of actuators or other simple effects.

IO[Box] has manual control buttons as standard, and also allows the connection of all manner of devices to extend the capability of the motor: Limits, External Encoders, Slack Rope Detection, Proximity Sensors etc.

An aux connector allows the connection of external brakes, if required for the application. 

*EtherCAT® is registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany