Bigger Isn't Always


The Mini[Winch] brings us a brand new way of automating productions.
This makes it possible to bring automation, and all it's advantages, to a wider range of shows than ever before.

Previously, automating scenery on productions has meant using large winches to automate fly bars from which the scenery is hung. We looked back over a large range of productions to see if there was a simpler solution that could be quicker to install, but still great some amazing effects.

The solution came from a simple idea. Instead of automating the fly bar, why not just automate the scenery. The compact Mini[Winch] can have a maximum working load of 35kg, which won't cover all scenery but will cover a huge range of flying requirements.

Rigging is super simple. The Mini[Winch] can be rigged from an existing fly bar and flown out in a matter of minutes. Once you attach the scenery to the winch, you have a fully automated item of set with all the advantages that come with an automated system.

Repeatable movement, that can be synchronised precisely with your other moving elements. It opens up lighting and video tracking options. It also brings you the power to stop all movement with the touch of a button, making things safer.

The Mini[Winch] is available in both a single or double drum configuration and can be hung from a fly bar, or mounted to the floor or in a theatre grid.

The Mini[Winch] comes with it's own dedicated drive unit, which can be mounted next to the winch, that can provide a lifting capability of 30kg. This is ideal for self-contained systems, as all that is required for the winches is data and power. No separate control rack is required.

Alternatively, greater lifting capacities can be achieved with external control equipment.