Motion is the software that runs on Absolute Motion Control’s desks. It is a simple, but powerful programming environment for theatre automation.

Motion runs on all Absolute Motion Control’s desk, like the Desk[One] and Desk[Three]. It also runs on standard laptops and computers, which enables it to be used for backup purposes. 

As the size of automated productions continues to grow, automation control software needs to be able to grow with it. From day one we have built our software so that it scales effortlessly from a single-axis right up to the largest of productions. 

Touchscreens are the natural way to interact with a control system. Developments in automation are still fast moving, and some productions require specific customisations. Using a multi-touch interface means that we aren’t restricted by a dedicated hardware layout, and new features can be added at any point.

For the most important interactions, however, we have taken care to choose great physical interfaces for you to use. Dedicated start and stop buttons allows you to feel in control at all times.

As well as providing cue playback and manual control, Motion is also a window into the world of your automation system. At all times, clearly and concisely, you can see the status of the entire system. If required, on-screen feedback can be provided for almost any element in the system. The status of interlocks, overrides, safe-edges and more can be monitored at all times.

Motion is continually updated, and often features can be added to customise the software specifically for the requirements of a production.