It is our mission to build control desks that are both easy to operate and powerful in their capabilities. 

Desk[One] and Desk[Three] are built in the same form factor, but with different numbers of playbacks. The functionality is the same between desks and a single playback desk is often all that is required. However, on more complex shows with more flexible and demanding requirements, additional playbacks can help.

Programming is achieved through a multi-touch screen, which allows moves and cues to be programmed quickly and simply. There is a physical start and stop button for each playback, and a joystick for speed override and manual control.

An enable button must be pressed to enable movement for the system, and acts as a safety device. Letting go of this button brings all moving scenery to a safe stop. There is also the option of adding an external foot-switch which can act as the enable button.

Additional cue, control and system information is displayed clearly and concisely on an external monitor, with the option of adding touch-screen monitors if you require.

An emergency stop button is provided which stops all movement and removes the power from the system. This allows you to bring the system to a safe state and prevents movement until the e-stop has been released.