Alys, Always

  • Photo Credit: Helen Maybanks

Absolute Motion Control have returned to The Bridge Theatre for the fourth time to provide the automation for "Alys, Always". The show started previews on 25th February, and has it’s press night on 5th March 2019.

The show is designed by Bob Crowley, who’s set incorporates a large stage lift, a sliding floor palette and a cloth roller. As The Bridge doesn’t have a fly tower, any full height cloths need to run on a roller. In this production a roller is used as a “blinder” to hide scene changes inside a large gauze box.

For the floor palette, Absolute have rented the production a zero-fleet winch. The compact zero-fleet design allows the winch to be used in a variety of situations. All Scene All Props, the production’s scenery contractor, built two custom decks that incorporated the pulleys required. These custom sections were then simply dropped into place, replacing two sections of The Bridge’s existing modular floor.

The stage lift, owned by The Bridge, is of a flexible design allowing it to be adapted in size for future productions. Absolute have provided two motors which move in synchronicity to raise and lower the lift. The lift is also protected by a safe edge and a safety enabling switch (sometimes colloquially known as a “deadman’s handle).

Absolute have provided a four-way control rack along with a three playback desk to run the production. Each motor or winch has it’s own IO Box, which connects to the rack using a single cable that carries both data and power. The IO Box can be placed in a convenient location. This means short runs of cable can connect devices like end-of-travel limits and safe edges into the system, rather than running long lengths of cabling all the way back to the rack. These versatile boxes also have manual controls to allow local control, which is helpful during the get-in and for maintenance.

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